Cameron Wurf Teaches Triathlon Cycling by Pro Triathlon Training

Cameron Wurf Teaches Triathlon Cycling

Reigning Ironman World Championship bike course record holder, Cameron Wurf, brings us everything a triathlete needs to know to be the best possible triathlon cyclist they can be. From equipment to technique, tips & hacks, Cam brings it all.


Over the course of 18 instructional videos, Cameron Wurf and some of his coaching staff, discuss the training, racing, and equipment strategies Cam used to set the Ironman Kona bike course record.

If the videos go deep, the audio files go deeper on a variety of topics related to the course material. Download the audio files and listen while you drive to work, go on your weekend ride, or while taking the dogs for a walk!
Cam Wurf wants everyone to know that all his proceeds from your purchase of this course are going towards the Challenged Athletes Foundation.



If for any reason whatsoever you decide within 30 days of purchasing this course that you want a refund just let us know and we'll refund your money immediately. 

Seriously, any reason at all: don't like the content, stubbed your toe and can't train, need money for a bike instead? These are all fine reasons to ask for your money back. We just want happy athletes!


"Very inspiring. Great gems of knowledge from the best Tri biker out there!"
Owen L.
"A few interesting take away and good reminder about race weight - lower is often not best"
Todd B.
"Great to hear I can get quality training in cycling when I am strapped for time. All great tips."
Jennifer L.

What's included?

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BONUS Downloadable Audio Files
Meet Your Instructor, Kona Bike Course Record Holder, Cam Wurf
20 mins
The Evolution of a Season
21 mins
Key Training Sessions
19 mins
Race Tactics
19 mins
Bike Tech (Power Meters, etc.)
18 mins
Essential Cycling Gear
19 mins
Triathlon Training Optimization
Three Key Bike Weekly Bike Sessions
6 mins
How to Structure a Triathlon Training Season
10 mins
Pedalling Efficiency Over Power
5 mins
The Importance of Core Strength for Cycling
4 mins
Managing Your Body Weight
9 mins
The Mindset You Need to Be Safe on a Bike
4 mins
Triathlon Race Tactics
How to Use the Course to Your Advantage
7 mins
How to Pace a Triathlon
8 mins
Metrics to Use During Racing
6 mins
Riding and Racing in the Wind
7 mins
Equipment Optimization
Triathlon Bikes vs Road Bikes
5 mins
Proper Wheel Selection Disc vs No Disc
6 mins
How important is a race kit?
6 mins
Helmet Selection Based on Rider Dynamics
7 mins
Choosing the Best Tire Pressure
6 mins
Saving 16 Minutes Over an Ironman with Bike Fitting
9 mins
Scientifically the Best Bike Upgrades with INSCYD
5 mins
Moving Forward with Your Triathlon Cycling
A message from your instructor, Kona course record holder, Cameron Wurf
5 mins