Triathlon Running with Sarah True and Ben True by Pro Triathlon Training

Triathlon Running with Sarah True and Ben True

Two-time Olympian and 4th place finisher at the 2018 Ironman World Championship, Sarah True, along with her husband, professional runner, Ben True, teach everything you need to know about triathlon running.


Over the course of 16 videos Sarah and Ben True talk about how to structure a training year to improve your triathlon run  ,and most importantly, be strong and healthy for the long haul.

If the videos go deep, the audio files go deeper on a variety of topics related to the course material. Download the audio files and listen while you drive to work, go on your weekend ride, or while taking the dogs for a walk!
Sarah and Ben put together training guides to help implement the lessons in this course.  They included their favourite run workouts, how their training weeks look, and their favourite products for health and overall welness


If for any reason whatsoever you decide within 30 days of purchasing this course that you want a refund just let us know and we'll refund your money immediately. 

Seriously, any reason at all: don't like the content, stubbed your toe and can't train, need money for a bike instead? These are all fine reasons to ask for your money back. We just want happy athletes!


"Great content which has already helped me with long runs issues and injury prevention. Sarah and Ben are great instructors. "
Owen L.
"There were some things in here that I though I was doing wrong or being lazy in my own life. Hearing a lot of similarities is very comforting. Naps are ok!"
Paige M.

What's included?

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BONUS Downloadable Audio Files
Meet your instructors, Sarah True and Ben True
25 mins
Tracking metrics in running
31 mins
Running as a pro runner vs running as a pro triathlete
22 mins
The most effective run technique
21 mins
Planning a triathlon training season
24 mins
The best shoes, gadgets and other must-have items
27 mins
Run Training for Triathlon
Triathlon Training vs Pure Run Training
7 mins
Sarah's Week of Running vs Ben's Week of Running
Some of Sarah's Favourite Workouts
Executing a Proper Brick Run off the Bike
7 mins
Brick Run Guidelines
Running on Different Surfaces
9 mins
Designing Your Hard Running Workouts
7 mins
Guidelines for Distances of Hard Running WORKOUTS
How To Do The Long Run
7 mins
The Numerous Benefits of Hill Running
8 mins
Figuring Out Your Run Pace
8 mins
Running Technique
Running on a Treadmill vs Road Running
7 mins
Mental Cues to Reinforce Good Technique While Running
10 mins
Preventing Running Injuries
7 mins
Running Equipment
Running Shoe Selection
8 mins
Sarah and Ben's Chosen Running Shoes
Running Watches and When to Use Them
6 mins
Supporting Activities Critical to Running progress
Pre-Run Warm Up Routine
4 mins
Ben True's Pre-Run Routine
Stretching and Cooling Down After Running
7 mins
Weight Management for Optimal Run Performance
6 mins
Sarah and Ben's Eating Guidelines
Sarah and Ben's Secret "Miracle" Key To Good Performance
7 mins
Sarah and Ben's Recommended Sleep Hygiene Products