Triathlon Strength Training with Erin Carson, Mirinda Carfrae, and Tim O'Donnell by Pro Triathlon Training

Triathlon Strength Training with Erin Carson, Mirinda Carfrae, and Tim O'Donnell

Triathlon strength coach Erin Carson, 2x Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae and multi-time Ironman champion Tim O'Donnell teach the strength training principles every triathlete needs to know.


Over the course of 13 videos, pro triathlon strength coach Erin Carson, and multi-time Ironman champions Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O'Donnell will show you the important elements to get stronger, go faster, and avoid injury.
If the videos go deep, the audio files go deeper on a variety of topics related to the course material. Download the audio files and listen while you drive to work, go on your weekend ride, or while taking the dogs for a walk!
Erin Carson wrote many guides to accompany the videos and audio files. While the videos show proper strength training movements, the guides teach you when and how to incorporate strength into your training plan


If for any reason whatsoever you decide within 30 days of purchasing this course that you want a refund just let us know and we'll refund your money immediately. 

Seriously, any reason at all: don't like the content, stubbed your toe and can't train, need money for a bike instead? These are all fine reasons to ask for your money back. We just want happy athletes!


"Fascinating to hear such depth of knowledge. Loving it! I was hanging on every word and will implement all of their expert guidance and make it my own. Thanks a million guys!"
Ian G.
"Exactly the information I need to prepare for my journey into strength training."

Cathy R.
"This was my first look and navigation of the course... so far, I'm very impressed!  easy to navigate and useful information."

Todd B.

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Strength Training Throughout the Season
Offseason Strength Building
Base or Foundation Season Strength Training
Strength and Speed/Pre-Race Season Strength Training
Race Season Strength Training
Taper Week Strength Training
Recommended Equipment
BONUS Downloadable Audio Files
Why is strength training important for triathletes?
22 mins
During which parts of the year should triathletes be strength training?
21 mins
Traditional strength training vs non-typical strength work for triathletes
19 mins
Returning to triathlon training after a pregnancy
23 mins
Items to bring when travelling
18 mins
Top tools every triathlete needs
19 mins
Build the Foundation for Strength
Self Mobility Assessment
7 mins
Self Assessment Faults and Fixes
Stability Ball Core Routine
6 mins
Approach to Core Strength
Quick Three Exercise Core Routine
5 mins
Core Routine Workouts
Strength into Stability Supersets
6 mins
Strength into Stability Supersets
Strength Building
Three Best Squat Movements for Triathletes
7 mins
Triathletes Approach to Squatting
Upper Body Strength Circuit
6 mins
Upper Body Strength Workouts
Different Lunge Variations
6 mins
Lunging in Your Strength Training Plan
Building Power and Speed
Building Speed and Agility
8 mins
Building Speed and Agility
Plyometrics for Power Building
7 mins
Incorporating Plyometrics
Strength into Speed Supersets
8 mins
Transitioning from Strength into Speed Strength Work
Caring For Your Tissues
Foam Rolling Prior to a Workout
6 mins
Pre-Workout Foam Rolling
Tissue Care with a Foam Roller
5 mins
General Foam Rolling Tissue Care
A Strength Training Challenge
A message from your instructors: Erin Carson, Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O'Donnell
5 mins